Geographic requirements:

Most US cities - preference to East Coast (No West Coast)

I. Geography & Minimum requirements I:

·   Location – 4 hour flight time from NYC or within 200 miles drive from NYC or within a three hour drive time of NYC-CT is preferred for smaller deals.

.   Minimum Investment Size – In New Haven CT and 30 minute drive, no minimum.

.   Minimum project size – 50 units residential, 20,000 sqft office, retail. Smaller in CT is acceptable.

·   Single assets or portfolios


II. Geography & Minimum requirements II:

·   Location –East Coast, Boston to and including Florida. Some Southern and Midwest cities.

·   Minimum size – 150 units Residential, 50,000 sqft. Retail and Office Assets must demonstrate management efficiency.

·   Single assets or portfolios.

.   Company owns South Florida Assets and is focused on increasing this footprint.  

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